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Lost & Found Animals

Resources and steps to take in case your pet is lost

We understand the heartbreak of losing a pet. Our goal is to help homeless animals find their forever home as well as providing resources and support to the pets in our community. Review our guide on what steps to take in case your pet is missing to help reunite you and your furry friend.

What to Do?

Remember your pet’s best chance of finding their way back to you is to make sure they always wear a collar with an ID and/or have a microchip with current information.


Contact your local Animal Control and any other animal control facilities within a 60-mile radius.
Be sure to describe your missing pet to them in detail. If the pet has a microchip, provide them with that information. You can also send them an email or better yet, visit in person and provide them with a photo. If possible, visit the shelter in person every day to look for him/her.


Search your neighborhood.
Walk or drive through your neighborhood several times each day. Ask your neighbors, delivery and letter carriers if they have seen your pet. Pass out a recent photo and how to contact you if they should see your pet.


Flyer your neighborhood
Signs should be large enough to see from a distance and bright to catch the attention of those passing by. Be sure to have contact information on the flyer. It can also be helpful to put a larger sign in your yard. If someone happens to see your pet, they may remember passing by your yard sign so they can bring your pet back to you.


Flyers can also be dropped off at local veterinarian offices, pet supply stores, grooming shops and local stores near your neighborhood. Social media can also be an effective tool. Be sure to ask your friends to share. Below are some active Facebook pages and websites that may be helpful in your search.
– Lost pets of Lee, Russell & Muscogee County
– Animal safe passage Rehoming page
– Center for Lost Pets
– Petco Love Lost
– Fido Finder
– Lost Dogs of America
– Lost Pet USA
– Missing Pet Partnership


Never give up hope
Lost animals have been reunited with their owner months after being lost. It is important to keep visiting your local animal control agencies, reposting flyers and keep using social media.