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Neighborhood Pet Support

If your family is in need of pet support or guidance, we can help.

Neighborhood Pet Support is a program that focuses on keeping people and their pets together.

We believe no person should have to give up a pet they love due to financial hardship. Our community partnerships and resources within Paws Humane Society help pet owners resolve the problems they are facing, preventing unnecessary owner surrenders and keeping beloved pets out of shelters.



would have kept their pets if they had access to free or low-cost veterinary care. Based on a 2015 ASPCA study on households who reported surrendering a pet within the last five years, with an income below $50K.

Emergency Pet Food

Low Cost Veterinary Care

Dog Houses

Crates and Carriers

Community Rehoming Resources

Affordable Dog Training

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Pets for Life

Pets for Life keeps pets in the homes they already have, improving their quality of life and elevating the human-animal bond.

Human Animal Support Services

Search for free or low cost pet support services in your area at

Pit bull Friendly Housing

Keep your family together by finding dog-inclusive housing at